Easter Traditions
Easter Traditions

Holidays are an especially fun time of the year, and since starting a family of our own, they're even more meaningful than when it was just the two of us.  My wife and I were both brought up in tradition-filled households, so it is in our nature to do the same with our children. This Easter, decorating eggs was the big, anticipated "to-do," but it had to be easy enough for a two-year-old to complete.  (This year, our youngest took a pass.)

To prep for the first-time task, my wife found the perfect, more primary version of decorating eggs.  No need to hardboil eggs this year because luckily, Walmart sold "fake, plastic, dyable eggs," and, Target's Spritz line sold egg kits to decorate the eggs into fun animals and characters.  

As expected, we learned as we worked.  The Spritz kit also came with dye pellets so once the cups were all set up and ready to go, Griffin eagerly dropped his first egg in the cup and....whoops.  The egg stayed right on the top of the dyed water.  Plastic floats.  A two-year-old doesn't have much patience, so continually dunking the egg into the liquid for several minutes wasn't exactly his idea of a good time. So, after one long, three-minute attempt, we decided to do away with the dying part go straight to the decorating. Note to self: Next year, have the eggs dyed beforehand.


The decorating part was a blast.  Griffin loved the circus-themed kit, and it provided stickers to make faces and clothing to dress the egg characters.  The box transformed into a circus tent, so when we were finished decorating all of the (white) eggs, we were then able to imaginatively play with our completed project.  It was even more amusing to see that the eggs were the highlight of Griffin's play time for a solid week!  

For me, the best part about traditions is the memory of the time spent together.  Cherished times as a family are irreplacable, and it's my hope that these traditions we instill in our children, (even if they seem silly at times,) are then passed down to their future families.  Next Easter, we can look forward to Griffin's little brother joining in on our egg-decorating fun, even if Griffin has moved on to the more classic version!  

Hope you all had a nice holiday.  What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?