Bathtime Rituals
Bathtime Rituals

From day one, bathtime in our home has always been Dad’s designated time with the boys. Because of the long work days, bath hour is the perfect, locked in, guaranteed time that I have with them and it’s a time that I really enjoy.

Not only do I get to converse with my two-year-old about his day, but we also have some pretty fun rituals to make the boys’ tub-time fun before they have to wind down for the night.

First, music is a MUST! (These days, we are a little biased to Disney’s BigBlock SingSong.) Any children’s stations on iTunes are great, and it definitely makes the mood more uplifting and engaging. Griffin, our toddler, has learned to sing a great deal of songs during bathtime, and frankly, so have I!

With that being said, the song, “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” walks us through the scrubbing process! Currently, Tubby Todd products are our must-use brand. Our littlest one, Gavin, has super sensitive skin, and this company’s products have relieved his skin irritations tremendously!

Currently, foam alphabet letters and numbers are our go-to activity. While Gavin spends most of his time chewing on one, Griffin loves putting the letters and numbers in order along the perimeter of the tub. Bonus: easy clean up!

The most imperative part of our bath rituals, however, is that I make sure to give my toddler, and eventually my eight-month-old, a clear understanding as to when his time in the tub is coming to an end. No warning = disaster, and believe me, there have been many. My daily message is as simple as, “Griffin, play ‘til the end of the water (as I pull the drain). Then it’s time to get out, buddy.”

The key for me is to keep it as simple as possible, but more importantly, to keep it as consistent as possible so that the routine is learned. Eventually, the process becomes ingrained in {their} heads and habitually “what they do next.” This, in turn, causes less fighting, kicking, crying, or screaming when it’s time to get out of the tub. Don’t get me wrong; some days are better than others, but I think that setting clear guidelines has helped our son to understand bath time routines.

What are some of your favorite bathtime rituals?