Golf Tech Mogul
Golf Tech Mogul

Beyond my passion for football, I am an avid golfer who not only hosts an annual charity golf event, but also attends multiple outings each year. With extensive exposure to the event management process, I have experienced the good and bad of running an event and have learned what aspects could be made more seamless.

Late one night while sitting at the kitchen table with my brother-in-law, we pondered over the idea of utilizing technology to find a more efficient and effective way to manage my event. We realized that digging through files and having event information scattered across various spreadsheets was a thing of the past, and Eventlify was born.

It was then that we truly acknowledged the feasibility of this software and how it would become a turning point in the management of all future golf outings.

Through developing Eventlify, we were able to combine all necessary event management tools in one place.

Eventlify’s user-friendly interface simplifies event management into three main components including creation, promotion, and hosting. From the creation of an event website, to the processing of registrations and payments, Eventlify’s streamlined system allows you to save time and resources. There is no longer the need to worry about manually entering data, managing money, or reaching out to attendees and sponsors via one-to-one communications. Your golf event management system will do all the hard work for you.  

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