Bears Family Fest
Bears Family Fest

Friday night, we made a last minute decision to bring the boys to Saturday's Family Fest at Soldier Field. The schedule for the day is much different than past years; instead of being at dinner time and indoors, it is during nap time and in regular game seating.  As my wife would say, “No nap?  No thanks. We'll pass.” Outdoors in high temps with no easy way to bolt if the kids get restless?  She was definitely choosing to stay home.

Guess what? They came anyway.

Guilt definitely got to her conscience, and when I heard she was coming with the boys, I couldn’t help but get excited.  Nothing is more gratifying to me than sharing my football experience with my family. Moreover, Gavin doesn't have a fun picture on the field like his brother has, so it only seemed fair to let him roam that field too.

As expected of an almost three and one-year-old, the boys didn't last long for my practice.  Gavin was pretty bored after only a few minutes and Griffin lost interest in the new friend that he had made after a solid ten.

After what seemed like forever for them, practice was over and they were able to get down to the field.

It didn't take Griffin or Gavin long to get comfortable on the Bears' grounds.  

Griffin was immediately enticed by the screaming fans that were calling for me to sign autographs.  It only seemed natural for this Chatty Kathy to walk over and see what all the hype was about.  One smart fan even tried coaxing Griffin into giving a Sharpie to Rob so that he would come over and sign his memorabilia.  Clever kid!

Gavin, on the other hand, bolted.  Do you see any color resemblance between his hair and the Chicago logo on the field?

We grabbed a quick family picture before our time on the field had ended.  By the looks of their faces, it was clear that they were pretty upset with us that we had stopped them from playing to sit and smile.

The season has officially begun!  Bear Down!  Is anyone else as excited as my family is for this season?