Annual Visit to Bourbonnais
Annual Visit to Bourbonnais

It wasn't long after I had left for camp that I scheduled a time for my wife and boys to visit me in Bourbonnais.  Griffin knows that I am "at work," and that I "kick the ball, Daddy!" but embarrassingly, if someone asks him what I actually do at work, his response is simply, "He's golfing."  I love it too much to correct him, so for now, in summary, I guess I ‘kick the ball while I work at golf.’

Faces lit up, both mine and the boys’, when we got to play together after practice.  Last year, Griffin was a bit timid of the crowds and didn't want to walk under the rope to see me, but this year was much different.  The second he saw me, he whipped right out of his stroller seat.  And Gavin, well he's just always been a daddy’s boy, so his excitement goes without saying. Sorry, Mom!

Here are some memorable pics of our afternoon together in Bourbonnais:

Have you ever been to Bourbonnais to see the Bears practice at training camp?