Aloha, Maui!
Aloha, Maui!

Hawaii is my family’s favorite vacation spot. For the past few years, it’s been tradition that we visit, and of course, each time we go, “The Aloha State” never disappoints. This March, we vacationed in Maui and we had a great time doing new activities with the boys.

Not only was this Gavin’s first time in Hawaii, but it was also his first time on a beach. Griffin loved his first beach experience, so we expected nothing less from Gavin when his toes touched the sand. A little shaken by the “cool” ocean water (the baby pool was warm as a bathtub), he immediately changed his demeanor once mesmerized by those crashing waves.

Another favorite activity from this year’s vacation was whale-watching. Friends of ours live on the island and they invited us to join them on their boat for an afternoon watch. Luckily, the whales were not shy that day! They swam extremely close to the boat, and we snapped some incredible pictures. Not only did we feel spoiled, but we were so grateful for our and the boys’ once-in-a-lifetime experience!

No trip to Hawaii is complete without good shave (not “shaved”) ice and the BEST place to find it is at Ululani’s in Lahaina. It seems silly to think that a bowl of flavored ice would be so good, but trust me; you have to try it to believe it! By the end of our trip, they knew us by name. I think we went there a half dozen times and each time was more delicious than the last. Both boys didn’t mind the tasty treat either!

One last necessary activity on the trip was more WORK and less PLAY but it was still a blast. It was too early for Griffin and Gavin to join me for during my workouts, but having the privilege of kicking at Lahainaluna High School and interacting with the students a few times each week was an amazing opportunity. Not only did they open their facilities to me, but they held and retrieved footballs for me. And of course, the view wasn’t too bad either…

Where is your family’s favorite vacation spot, and what are your favorite things to do there?